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        1. Profile

          Guangdong Kaidilong Industrial Felt Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd(Foshan Nanhai Kaidilong Industrial Felt Products Co., Ltd.) was founded in 2003; the company has created 17 years of glory together with its loyal customers. During the past 17 years, the company always adhere to the manage concept of “Quality First, Interest Second”. As the saying goes, Rome was not built in one day. Kaidilong can make such great achievements, we dare not forget new and old customers’ support. Now the company occupied 30 mu of land, the annual production and sales all increase steadily. Our company mainly produces high temperature felt that exclusively used in aluminum industry. The products can satisfy various requirements, occupied primary share in the market.The specially-assigned persons will take responsibilities from the first process till delivery to customers. In view of customer’s feedback, the company will make relevant technical transformation according to the demands from special customers.Now the products were already fairly mature, our products include seamless conveyor belt, high/medium/low temperature roller, flat felt rug, aging spacing sleeve, anti-scrape aluminum protection strip, chain annul and etc., The company is leading the market on the basis of “High-intensity, High-density, High-quality” products. We always keep in mind of the enterprise spirit “Think much for Customers and do more for Enterprise”.With the unremitting efforts of the company's directors and employees, the product sales network spreads all over the country and covers Southeast Asia, the European Union and other regions.

          All personnel adhere to the attitude of "Profession, Concentration, Dedication", pursue product perfection; we maintain a good and stable friendly and cooperative relationship for a long time with high-quality materials, exquisite production technology and responsible after-sales service.

          Since its establishment, KaIdilong has adhered to the four satisfactory concept of "employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, partner satisfaction, social satisfaction". KaIdilong has always put talent in the first place in the construction of enterprises; we have established a talent pool, always let the staff maintain the mentality of striving for the top. We deeply know that the promotion of products and staff attitude is closely related. We will continue to carry forward the spirit of pioneering and gain greater achievements under support of every walk of life and all friends.

          Guangdong Kaidilong Industrial Felt Science & Technology Co., Ltd
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